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Status Quo Mid-summer Magic

L'Acoustics KARA becomes the Status Quo

Thames Audio continued their long-standing relationship with Chris Moreno Ltd by provided sound systems for the first in a series of outdoor events, featuring UK rock n' roll legends 'Status Quo'.

Quo’s FOH engineer Andy May was keen to hear the recently released L’Acoustics KARA line source following previous outings with dV-DOSC systems. The system consisted of 24 elements of Kara with 16 L’Acoustics SB28 subs. As May discussed, “Having never heard the KARA before I’ve got to say I’m really impressed. The response is so even right across the array and as a system it still has plenty of dynamics left in it so I can make the show sound how I want not how the speaker or the processing makes me.”

A new addition to the bands monitor spec is a pair of EM Acoustics EMS122’s for sidefill duties. “They were an interesting discovery” continues May. "We went into rehearsals a couple of weeks ago and we needed a pair of small speakers just to put some ambience in the room. The guys at Thames brought down the EM Acoustics and straight away the band loved them, so much so that we now have them on the live shows too”.

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