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Buddy Holly Story 25th Anniversary Tour

Updated: Jan 3, 2022

Sound Designer Pete Cox joined forces with writer Alan Janes to put Buddy, The Buddy Holly Story on the road again, 25 years after it's first performance.

The Sound Design includes a Funktion One Res 2 FOH system with EM Acoustics EMS61 front-fills and monitors.

Replay is provided by QLab, on a dual redundancy Mac system, with DANTE Network connections to the Yamaha M7CL console.

Sennheiser ew300 G3 radio mics are used throughout the performance, for cast and instruments. These are complimented by a seemingly endless number of Shure 55SH skull mics, all customised by Thames Audio.

"Thames' attention to detail and ongoing enthusiasm for the project makes them an invaluable member of the production team." Richard Porter, General Manager, The Buddy Holly Story

The latest news about Buddy at

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